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General Information
The Owner agrees to rent to the Tenant the premises described as:

Tall Oaks Lodge, Stoney Creek at Wintergreen

for the duration of time specified in the rental agreement. The Tenant agrees to abide by the rules set forth in this agreement and to follow the guidelines provided in the document "House Instructions," supplied with the keys (and also in the green notebook next to the TV in the Family Room). In the remainder of this agreement, the words "us," "we," or "our" refer to the Owner; "you" or "yours" refer to the Tenant.

No Smoking
The No Smoking rule applies to both inside and outside the house! The disposal of cigarette butts by dropping them onto the ground constitutes a major fire hazard! If there is any evidence of smoking of any materials, either inside the house or outside, you will forfeit your entire security deposit!

Security Deposit
Unless we specifically waive it, a security deposit of $250 is required, payable with the final rental payment. If missing items or damage to the property are discovered before the next tenant arrives, we will send you an itemized list of the losses and cost to replace or repair the missing or damaged items and deduct this amount from your security deposit. If the cost exceeds the amount of the deposit, you agree to reimburse us for these costs or to provide a suitable replacement. The deposit, or any balance remaining after deducting for losses, will be returned to you after the key is returned to us.

Arrival & Departure Times
You may arrive any time after 4:00 P.M. on the arrival day, and must be out of the premises by 12:00 noon on the departure day. Other arrival or departure times must be approved in writing by us prior to the arrival date. If you have not vacated by the agreed upon departure time, you will forfeit your entire security deposit. If you leave your belongings in the house after the departure time, we or our agents may package, remove, and store your belongings to accommodate the arrival of subsequent guests. If your belongings are removed from our house, contact us to arrange for reclaiming them. By signing this agreement you acknowledge these conditions and waive all rights to claim loss or damages to property due to its removal from the premises.

The premises will be occupied only by the number of individuals indicated in the agreement. Occupancy of the premises for a longer time period or by any additional persons is a breach of the agreement and will be subject to extra charges. It is understood there will be NO SMOKING and NO PETS allowed inside or on the premises of the Rental at any time. At least one responsible adult (over age 25) must occupy the house during the rental period. Unsupervised groups of persons under the age of 25 are not permitted. You and your guests must not create excessive noise or cause any kind of nuisance. Engaging in illegal activities, including but not limited to use of controlled substances or underage drinking, by any occupant or guest is absolutely forbidden and will result in the immediate expulsion of the entire group from the Rental and forfeiture of the rental fee and security deposit.

All items supplied in the Rental are for your pleasure and use during your stay. Please do not remove any property from the Rental, including books, video cassettes, DVDs, decorations, pictures, towels, or blankets. Do not loan property from the Rental to friends or neighbors. Interior furniture shall not be rearranged or a fee will be assessed to cover the cost of repositioning items and repairing damage to the floors or furniture items. If any items become damaged or broken, you must notify us as soon as is practical. (We will absorb the cost of minor losses, such as a broken glass or dish, but should be informed so items can be replaced in order to maintain a high level of service to future guests.)

Trash & Recycling
Wintergreen recycles! But it does not pick up trash. You need to take your trash with you when you leave. Separate cardboard and paper; plastic, cans and bottles; and trash and take them to the recycling center (Directions provided with the key letter and in the Green Notebook at the house). Do not place trash outside the house as it could attract skunks and other undesirable wildlife. If you must accumulate a few bags before you cart it away, place it in the garage and keep the doors closed. Do not forget to take the trash away when you leave!

Routine Cleaning
Reasonable care is to be taken to maintain the cleanliness of the Rental during the Rental period. If you are staying longer than a week, you are expected to perform some basic cleaning to maintain a reasonable level of order in the house. The longer your stay, the more important routine cleaning becomes. In addition to a broom and dustpan, we have provided a vacuum sweeper for cleaning the carpeted areas and a "Swiffer" for removing dust and grit from the hardwood floors. No matter how long you are staying, please clean up all spills immediately to avoid damage to the floors, carpets and furniture. This is especially important for liquid spills on the hardwood floors.

Personal Belongings
You should be certain to take all your personal belongings with you. We are not responsible for forgotten items. It is your responsibility to notify us if you believe you have left any items in the Rental. If any personal items are left behind, we will assess an amount which will cover the reasonable cost of shipping to return the items. If we have already returned the deposit when we are notified that the items were left, we will return them C.O.D.

Inspection, Repairs, & Maintenance
We reserve the right to make occasional inspections of the Rental to verify that all policies and procedures stated in this agreement are in compliance. If it is determined upon inspection of the Rental that you have not followed the stated policies and procedures, we can require immediate removal of all persons in the rental party and that all remaining time of the reservation period stated in this rental agreement will be forfeited without a refund of any rental payments. Contractors and other service personnel may, from time to time, need access to the property for the purposes of making repairs or performing maintenance.

Cancellations more than 14 days from the arrival date will receive a refund of the reservation deposit less $25.00 service fee. If you cancel the reservation 14 or fewer days from the arrival date, you will forfeit the entire reservation deposit. Reservations for Thanksgiving, and the period from December 20 to January 4 require 30 days cancellation notice.

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